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 Lucky Concept

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PostSubject: Lucky Concept   Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:14 pm

Your Name: Elz Sleepy
Link Your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999412333/

Character Name: Marele Waldoe
Character Alias (If Applicable): Lucky (On Earth) / 0-10 (past)
Character Age: ~300 (36 physically)
Character Appearance (Pictures or descriptions work fine, both is best.):
Marele Waldoe in her "prime" form appears as a large humanoid (standing 2 meters/6'5" tall). The overall look consists of very dark, thick "skin", which is noticeable in some spots between the grey "armour" growing atop it. The armour covers most of her body. The chest piece particularly is topped with a numerical indicator which shows her assigned number "010". The indicator is connected to wire-like red veins which run down the chestpiece and up, where they transit into blue wirelike tubes around Marele's neck, tying around and reaching for the back of her head. Her chin, sides of the head and its back are locked in the grown armour facemask, to which the wires lead. Her head does not have any distinguishable features and appears to be a humanlike skull, the lower jaw hidden by the armour and eyesockets entered by sticking-out pieces of the headgear.
Initially Marele Waldoe was a female of the currently wiped out/partially enslaved Tamkharan species. The Tamkharan civilization was similar to the human one, however formed on a much smaller planet. Tamkharanians have dark, ash skin, and are often born with extra limbs or eyes, amount varies. Marele, for instance, had seven fingers and toes on hands and feet. Her original height is 180cm/5'9".
Character Equipment (As above, pictures and descriptions work. However, every item must be accurately described, and not /just a picture):
The Lucky Mark (buh. “Udovtakhta Kuluelmono”) - is the ominous device fixed over Marele's chest piece in her prime form, connected to multiple wire-like tubes. This partly biological, partly technological device was created by the Buhogar species, an alien race which has lost its homeworld but prospered as nomads-slavers in certain star systems. The device, development and making of which were kept in absolute secrecy, after being surgically attached to a live being, transforms them into an Udovtakhta ("lucky", or "lucky to at least be sort of alive"). A Lucky is controlled by its Mark, which sets them a number and controls them and other selected Luckies against their will. It does allow Luckies to have memories, knowledge of their past, feelings, but they cannot control themselves. In return, they get various abilities. It is later discovered by Marele that the Lucky Mark's will can be resisted by a Lucky.
Character Powers/Skills:
Depressing presence - is the oozing aura Luckies have compared to Buhogar foot soldiers and species as a whole. It is believed to form out of the emotional pain of going against their own will and the ominous noise the Mark emits, which is said to be different for everyone, depending on how they perceive it. The overall appearance of the Luckies is also something that strikes fear in those who are invaded by Buhogar, who have been using Luckies as a wipe-out tool for planets they need to obtain clean of all the population. Marele currently does not have this ability anymore. Instead, Marele has noticed that people who overcome the fear of her appearance actually find her presence soothing both physically and mentally later on.
Tough skin and armour - Marele, as a Lucky, had her body transform into a new form, which made her whole frame much bigger and stronger. Her arms, legs, torso, back are covered in grown armour which is believed to be the result of the Mark's unknown power combined with the live being's blood, skin, flesh and bones. Therefore, a Lucky does not really have certain bones, organs, it is an extremely tough mix of all this combined by the Mark's power. Crushing a Lucky's limbs would be extremely difficult, however immobilizing a lucky completely is a certain way of defeating them. The armour also provides considerable resistance to radiation and various environmental hazards. A Lucky does not breathe, therefore cannot be drowned.
Extensive strength - an added upside of Luckies as soldiers is the strength they possess. It is known that if a collapsed building does not crush them, they can easily get themselves out of there. Luckies are soldiers of brute force and do not carry weapons, therefore they rely on hand-to-hand combat of no particular martial art, and their extensive vitality and endurance. Their big frame and heavy grown armour slows them down, however.
Eternal life - a Lucky lives forever, as long as they can be controlled. A inactive Lucky cannot move and can be stored forever if they are under the influence of the Mark. Marele still has this ability to herself, but does not require to be controlled to have it.
Vision - Luckies originally do not actually "see", their heads, which do keep an appearance similar to their original skull, do not have any eyeballs, and are only enhanced by wire-veins and armour fragments growing in them. They smell, sense and hear their targets and are directed to them by the Mark. However, Marele has discovered a way to actually see the environment and people around her just like anybody.
Revert - a skill she has developed on her own, Marele can actually return to her initial form when she was abducted. This state has to be thoroughly maintained by her and cannot be used too often.
Memory and knowledge – Marele has lived for centuries and has witnessed destruction of numerous species, therefore has learned a lot about different alien beings, their behavior and culture. Learning is easy for her and based on her existing knowledge she quickly adapts to a situation.
Marele has several restrictions and drawbacks to herself, however, which occurred after she found away to rebel against her Mark and during her time as a Lucky:
- Marele knows a lot of languages of different alien races and multiple languages on Earth, and her knowledge is growing. Stripped of their will, Luckies have a very good memory. It takes her a while to process which one she's speaking exactly, foreign words might be polluting her speech. Her accent in certain languages may be incomprehensible.
- Marele doesn't have a purpose in her life and does not trust most of who she meets, therefore she's not the best team player. This may change if she meets someone who earns her trust. Her main fear is to be controlled once again. Marele is also paranoid that Buhogar or her "comrades" might come for her once again.
- On Earth Marele is not recognized as a peaceful being by most people because of her looks.
- Marele cannot keep track of her injuries during a fight and doesn't understand the concept of resting anymore, which might lead to her being unprepared and not in her prime form for battle.
- Marele's strength has to be maintained through meditation, usual Luckies never are out of shape.

Give a brief description of what your character is exactly, essentially what the concept is: an alien being enslaved and forcefully transformed forever into an extremely powerful monstrous foot soldier, which then found out how to break free and rebel against those who controlled her. She is now living on Earth, trying to find a new purpose to live after years of being enslaved, gradually learning that Earth is in need of vigilantes, which slowly revives her and gives her hope of forgetting her past self, forced to commit atrocities.

A summary of your characters' backstory and how they got here (Minimum of two Paragraphs at least six lines each):
Marele was born far away in space, on a planet of the Tamkharan civilization. Judging by Earth's time, she lived 36 years before her planet became a target of the Buhogar species which utilized ominous monster soldiers - Luckies - to wipe out planets and enslave some of its population for different purposes. Marele was "lucky" to be transformed into an Udovtakhta, along with many other Tamkharan people. She was assigned the number "010" in her group. Since then, she never controlled herself. She could only rely on her feelings, her thoughts, which she could only vaguely share with the rest of the hivemind-controlled enslaved Tamkharanian Luckies.
Even in a situation as horrifying as this, she manages to make establish a bond with earlier a person earlier unknown to her. It was also a Tamkharanian woman which had been assigned the number "065". Their bond was strong, even though it only consisted of them exchanging thoughts with each other through the group of Luckies, gradually learning to do it better each year of their horrible service.
During her service, Marele, or 010, learns a lot about foreign alien cultures, which, sadly, were usually dead and forgotten later on after each invasion.
Buhogarians had various plans for Luckies and never ceased to amaze themselves with their new discoveries in how controlling species through Mark alters them. Various experiements were usually carried out on Luckies. Some backfired, but the creators never worried - they could also restock on fresh Luckies anywhere. The "Kuelpo" project was supposed to determine whether Luckies can be controlled smarter if one of them is selected as the "Captain". Incidentally, 065 was selected as one, and 010 was under her guidance from then on. 065 was given a considerable amount of freedom, however stripped her of many memories and morals she had before.
010, seeing the only person close to her transform into a being more free than her, initially was happy for 065, until she noticed that their feelings were, in fact, no more. The freedom and the power granted to 065 erased most of her feelings and memories that she shared with 010. Heartbroken, Marele slowly develops the ability to distrupt the Mark's influence. Apparently, emotions, memory and feelings which were left there by Buhogar as a "drawback", locked away by lack of personal will and compensated by amazing strength and endurance, had a rare potential to grow and take over the Mark. It took her hundreds of years to finally break free and escape the lurking Buhogar space station. However, 065, awakened by both what was left of her feelings and the disgust at the fact that someone escaped her authority, chases 010. They are both abandoned by Buhogarians, the "Kuelpo" project was then declared unnecessary and pointless, even if it was amusing. The nomadic slavers never actually looked for the two, as it would conflict with their plans and wasn't a priority.
010 and 065 are stuck in a small spacecraft, presumable an escape pod, which barely fit both of them. Since it wasn’t properly used and neither of them knew how to operate a spaceship, both of the Luckies were stuck there together. They managed to agree on not fighting in the capsule as it would mean their certain death – 010 would never escape and 065 would never survive far away alone, still being partially controlled. Both of them spend years waiting, meditating and preparing for the battle that was to take place wherever they land.
They are awakened from their deep sleep after they land on Earth, the escape capsule apparently was not detected by humans while landing, nor before while approaching Earth.
010 and 065, who both landed in the US, Texas, had no idea where they were. They found themselves in the Texan part of the Chihuahuan desert. It was year 2007 on Earth and their presence so far was unnoticed. What they did know is that they had their goals - 065 wanted to punish 010 and "take her back home", 010 wanted the only person she could care about to be free and be gone. Both aliens fought for weeks without resting. Rumours have spread in the state and they were quite various: some claimed they heard weird noises or melody throughout certain areas, some claimed to have seen unusual traces and marks on the soil, environment disturbed by something continuously. There were even people who actually saw them fight, but not many actually believed in the story about “two demons” fighting each other. The fight became, however, so popular within certain people that these enthusiasts tried their best to prevent more people from finding out about the event, as it would bring unwanted attention. Whether it was fear of interfering with the aliens or pure interest remains a secret. Certain organizations, such as S.P.E.A.R. have monitored the incident on the side, curious as anyone would be.
Despite 065's advantage in strength as a result of the "Kuelpo" project, the simple foot soldier overpowers her captain in a brutal, lengthy fight. 065 was beaten into an immobile pulp, her Mark shattered by Marele. She carried the presumably dead body of 065 all the way to the Gulf of Mexico and buried her under the water there. So far 065 never appeared again, but Marele is still at fear that she might return, as it was unknown whether Luckies could regenerate somehow into their initial state.
Marele continues to live, going from town to town in the US, developing new abilities as a free being now, learning how to regain her original form. She faces a lot of trouble with the locals, encounters various enemies while trying to protect people, so as to seek forgiveness for the atrocities she had committed before as a Lucky foot soldier. Currently she is not affiliated with any organization, even if she could have been spotted numerously due to her quite outstanding appearance. She has been seen in various city throughout the country and usually finds shelter with the homeless who so far have never spoken of her as of someone who is a threat.
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Lucky Concept
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